Juparo Business Solutions assists businesses by providing services in these areas:

Business Management:

  1. Strategic Direction
  2. Exit Strategy (Preparing a business for sale)
  3. Business Plans & Planning
  4. Finance Applications/Capital Raising


  1. Management Reporting Systems
  2. Human Resource Systems
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – creation and reporting
  4. Quasi Board Members

  5. Processes & Documentation:

    1. Internal management process and line of command
    2. Internal Process Documentation
    3. Human Resources systems, procedures and documentation

Business Management

Strategic Direction

Do you feel unfocused or unsure of where your business is taking you? Let us assist you by helping to investigate and put into practice a Strategic Plan for you and your business.
Our strategies have proven successful both in Australia and Overseas. Our international network of Consultants report success after success. Let your business be the next one!

Exit Strategy

Want to know what your business is worth or thinking about selling? To obtain the best value possible experts agree that the business should be presented in the best possible way. You tidy up your house or car for sale, why not your business? Please refer to our Exit Strategy for more details.

Business Plans

Do you want to prepare a business plan and not sure how to start or don’t have the time? Let our consultants take the worry out of it for you. Our simple process and MAUS award winning software is a sure fire way of getting an affordable business plan into action.

Finance Applications

Looking for finance or wish to re-negotiate your loans? Our ex bank manager has over 20 years of experience in writing business loan applications in the language banks understand. His record of gaining bank approval is very high – this tells its own story. Let him put his skills to work on your bank manager.

Captial Raising

Looking to raise capital? We can assist you become investor ready.


Management Reporting

One of our key areas, we have a number of reporting systems we use to assist management maintain control of their businesses. For an example refer below for our KPI Scorecard service.

Human Resources

One of the most important areas of any business. An area that requires skilful management to ensure that you get the best out of your people. We have access to systems to assist you in this endeavour.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Let us help you to set up and maintain the KPIs in your business. We have a unique tailor-made to your business Scorecard we use to ensure management keeps their fingers on the pulse.

Quasi Board Member

Do you feel alone in your business or would you like someone to bounce ideas off. Our consultant can set up regular meetings with you to discuss issues within your business – Quasi Board meetings if you will. They can help you make decisions and monitor the health of your business.


"What you can measure you can change". Juparo Business Solutions is able to assist you to introduce and document internal processes and systems so that all facets of your business are monitored to ensure maximum productivity is maintained.

In areas such as: -

  • Management and Chain of Command
  • Customers and the Selling Process;
  • Product Sourcing and/or Production;
  • Stock movement and Tracking;
  • Human Resources – Recruitment, Job Descriptions, Employee Profiling,
    Performance Management and Appraisal.
  • And many more

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