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7 Reasons for business failure: -

1. Working Capital Shortage

2. Unexpected removal of key personnel

3. Product Obsolescence

4. Business Owner taking his eye off the game

5. No internal checks and measures

6. Failure of Business to understand changing markets

7. Reliance on too few customers

Juparo Business Solutions provides ongoing support to businesses in such areas as: -

  • Business Planning
  • Identification and Management of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Internal Management Systems and Procedures
  • Human Resources Appraisal and Review Systems
  • Financial Management Analysis and Reviews
  • Understanding your Bank Manager

Juparo consultants include Qualified Accountants, Bank Managers and Business Owners, backed up by an Australian based international network of Consultants to deliver a system of proven business strategies to assist business to enhance their profit performance.

Juparo has been in operation since 1997 and was set up by Robert Madden (B.Bus) JP. Robert has extensive experience in dealing with businesses both in his role as a Bank Manager (over 20 years) and owning his own businesses (over 10 years).

Running his own business, consulting with other business owners and his banking background provides Robert with an excellent base on which to run this consultancy.

We have teamed up with Peter Hickey and the Team at MAUS Business Systems. Its software packages and international team of Consultants enhance Juparo Business Solution's ability to service your business needs.

Web Marketing Step-by-step videos

Getting to know how to generate sales from the web is important. I use these videos. Why not have a look at them - PLEASE CLICK HERE

Business Planning Booklet

Getting to know how to preapre a business plan is easy - try this book on how PLEASE CLICK HERE

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10 ways to improve your business

1.Sit down and prepare a strategic direction document – a business plan

2.Prepare a set of KPI’s to regularly monitor your performance

3.Survey your customers to check up on your customer service

4.Interrogate your sales marketing strategy and revamp if necessary

5.Introduce compatible and / or complimentary products

6.Document your systems and processes

7.Survey your employees to check up on employee morale

8.Encourage your customers to refer their family and friends to you

9.Research your market to locate any untapped niches.

10.Employ a consultant to bounce ideas off and use as an independent observer

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