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"A recent survey conducted by Business Loans Australia on businesses listed for private sale found that 85% had not prepared the business for sale and as a consequence some 4 months after advertising the business it still had not sold because buyers were unable to get meaningful information to provide to their lender”

As a Maus Business Systems Accredited Partner, Juparo Business Solutions can assist you to increase the value of your business and prepare a plan for you to realise its true value. Our consultant will work with your business; introducing systems proven worldwide that will improve the value of your business. Together we will help you develop and implement a plan to ensure that your business is seen in the best light therefore acheiving a better sale result.

Experts agree that there are 7 or more steps to selling a business, To be successful you need to: -

  • Determine the business value now and your preferred selling price;
  • Systemise your business;
  • Document your business;
  • Document your profit performance;
  • Have your house in order;
  • Make yourself redundant; and
  • Engage a Reliable Business Broker.

  • Determine Selling Price

    What is your business worth now? Our Consultants will assist you to understand the value of your business now and your sale price expectations.

    Systemise your Business

    Apart from your historical profit performance proposed purchasers will want to assure themselves that there are adequate systems in place for continued business operations. Juparo Business Solutions is able to assist you to introduce and monitor systems that are up to the task.

    Document Your Business

    How much of your business is conducted on the “way we do things around here" or "its all in my head"? We assist you to put your business into a series of documents and manuals. This gives you something concrete to show prospective purchasers.

    This includes such manuals as: -

  • Occupational Health & Safety Manuals;
  • Employee Manuals;
  • Operational Manuals; and
  • Environmental Manuals.
  • Our consultants are able to assist you in putting these into place quickly and without undue heartache.

    Document Your Profit Performance

    Being able to show prospective purchasers well prepared financial statements is one thing. But most purchasers will want more. They will want to look behind the figures to see how well the business is really run. Imagine their surprise when you are able to show them a series of Key Performance Scorecards showing your business successes over a long period of time. Our monthly KPI Scorecard system shows in one simple report the key areas of your business and the results on a monthly basis.

    Clean Your House

    When you sell a car you give it a good clean inside and out as well as ensuring that it is tuned up and ready to go. You need to do the same for your business.

    Juparo Business Solutions can assist in: -

  • removing slow moving stock;
  • removing/replacing non productive plant & equipment;
  • collecting and/or writing off potentially bad debts;
  • cleaning up the business premises; and
  • many more areas that may require attention.

  • Do Yourself out of a job

    You need to make yourself redundant. Any proposed purchaser will want to ensure the longevity of your business without you at the helm. Juparo can assist you in ensuring that the business has systems and procedures in place so that can happen.

    Engage a Reliable Business Broker

    The selling of your business is like parting with your family pet. You will want to know that the business is in good hands and that you get the best possible value for it. We can assist in finding the right Business Broker for you.

    Whether you are looking to enjoy retirement or moving on to the next project let JUPARO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS assist you.

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